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Automated surgical device.

Best Practices for Designing Surgical Robotics

In the world of surgical device development, identifying needs first and testing concepts second is the key to user adoption and gaining a competitive advantage. This approach serves as the foundation to innovating smartly, along with quick, efficient, and robust methods of concepting. At Kablooe Design, we include Design thinking early on in the process, which minimizes rework and aids in hitting cost and schedule targets.

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How To Make A Better User Interface For Your Medical Device

Those of us who are in the design industry typically spend a lot of our time thinking about the person who is going to use our fabulous invention, and what the situation is like when they will be using it...

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When to Start Thinking About Reimbursement

What are you forgetting? These 4 important steps to take to prepare for a successful product launch are an integral part of the process.

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What are you forgetting? These 4 important steps to take to prepare for a successful product launch are an integral part of the process.

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What Medical Device Designers Can Learn from a Heinz Ketchup Bottle

At MD&M Minneapolis 2019, Brian Mullins, director of design and development at Kablooe Design, used the original Heinz Ketchup bottle as an example of why it's important to invest in the design of a product.

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Hide and seek

Hiding in Plain Sight

You’ve seen the ads and heard the pitches. Use this drug, and the aggravating issue you are struggling will be relieved. There is a downside. There could be side effects. Problems. Issues. New things you might struggle with. How do we know this? We tested a statistically significant group of people... willing subjects with their consent for a little cash in their pocket, and discovered that a certain percentage of them suffered from these “side effects” after using the drug.

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The Most Important Thing for Getting Your Medical Device Adopted

All too often however, medical device developers become so enthralled with their technology that they forget to think about the most important thing that leads to device adoption.

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Use an Innovation Process That Creates Products that Succeed

There are a lot of ways to develop things, and lots of processes to use. However, 90% of all product development efforts fail. Why?

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How to Lose Money with Innovation Failure

Innovative technology without this main ingredient will fail every time. And failure is not cheap.

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The Problem with Problem Solving

Problem solving is at the heart of innovation. As product developers, inventors, and engineers our human tendency is to chase what appear to be exciting ideas. However, business dictates that we minimize idea-chasing and maximize real-world problem solving.

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