Surgical Device Design

When it comes to surgical instruments, you’re either on the cutting edge of design or you’re wasting your efforts. If your goal is to improve patient and hospital outcomes, the surgical equipment experts at Kablooe can help!

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From Inception to Incision Our Surgical Equipment Design Expertise


In the world of surgical device development, identifying needs first and testing concepts second is the key to user adoption and gaining a competitive advantage. This approach serves as the foundation for our innovative and robust surgical equipment concepting.

Minimally Invasive Surgical Tool Design

If the surgical standard is a physician holding a scalpel, then your design certainly has an uphill battle. Human fingers can do a lot of things, which is why when we design our surgical tools, every tolerance along the way needs to be just as small, nimble, and durable.

Implant Delivery Devices

With a Kablooe-designed surgical implant tool, a trained physician will be able to deliver stents, sutures, medical adhesives, sensors, therapy modules, and monitoring devices almost anywhere in the body—safely, accurately, and with minimal invasiveness.

Surgical Robotics Design

Surgeons need to be empowered to do their jobs better. We certainly don’t want robotics to take away their decision-making ability or their autonomy to change their minds and adapt on the fly. Kablooe can help you figure out a way to enhance those abilities to improve patient outcomes.
Vartan Ghazarossian
It has been a great delight to work with Kablooe. Everyone is highly knowledgeable about the design and fabrication and testing, highly cooperative, and very inventive. Everything comes within budget and on time. I highly recommend working with this firm, if you are in the medical device arena.

Preceptis Medical Case Study

Preceptis, a startup medical device firm, developed a revolutionary new way for physicians to implant pediatric drainage tubes in the eardrums of children. Explore this case study to learn how we helped develop the mechanical functionality and user touch points of the technology.

NxThera BPH Treatment Case Study

NxThera joined forces with Kablooe Design to develop a new bph treatment technology. Kablooe was able to take it from a concept to a life-saving medical device that became widely available in the U.S. in the second half of 2016.

NxThera BPH Treatment Device

Ready to Make Surgical Devices Doctors Love?

Surgical equipment should delight surgeons in ways they’d never expect. We do that.

We Handle the ‘Not So Fun’ Stuff Too

Surgical tools can be uniquely complicated—and so can the paperwork. That’s why we leverage our decades of industry expertise to take many of these tedious and time-consuming tasks off your plate. This ensures your involvement in the approval process is as simple, streamlined, and straightforward as possible.

Our core competencies include:

  • Providing usability documentation
  • Conducting formative and summative studies
  • Supporting risk management
  • Ensuring HE75 and IEC62366 compliance
  • Verification and validation testing
  • And any other regulatory requirement support

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