Christmas at Kablooe: you could put an eye out…

What do the Kablooe Christmas party and a Red Ryder BB-Gun have in common? They can both put an eye out!

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Kablooe Leaders cited for provocative statements

It's not usually a good thing to be charged with firing off a provocative statement at a public event. However, both Kablooe President Tom KraMer, and Kablooe Development Director Brian Mullins, were charged with delivering two of the top ten most provocative statements of the Medical Device and Manufacturing expo in Minneapolis this fall.

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Kablooe Engineer Rocks the Marathon World!

Peter Meinz, senior mechanical engineer at Kablooe Design ran the New York City Marathon this weekend, which is the largest marathon in the world. Peter placed in the top 1%, placing 368th overall out of over 53,000 runners.

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You’re Not an Engineer, You’re a Creative Problem Solver

A MD&M Minneapolis speaker used humor to make his point about why engineers and product designers need to see themselves as creative problem solvers.

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Medtech head to head challenge

The APS/Kablooe golf challenge was in full swing yesterday! Who came out on top?

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Kablooe and Omcare

Anser Innovation and Ōmcare announced today that Jeannine Rivet has joined its Board of Directors. Rivet is a recognized leader in health care, serving top executive roles at UnitedHealth Group and currently serving as an active board member, corporate advisor, mentor, and coach.

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