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8 Steps to Success During New Product Design & Development

So, you've conquered the initial phases of product development, from evaluation and market research to initial ideation, and now you're standing at the threshold of the product development design phase. Congratulations, because this is where your ideas truly take shape, where your product transforms from mere concepts into tangible realities!

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Kablooe's Design Driven Development Process - Product Development Ideation Phase

9 Key Steps to Supercharge Your Product Development Ideation

Are you ready to unlock the power of ideation for new product development? Buckle up and get ready to explore a world of creative possibilities that will—barring any setbacks—bring your market-shattering ideas to life!

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Breaking Down the 9 Step Product Development Research Path - Featured Image

Your 9-Step Guide to Product Development Research

Are you interested in developing a new product? Whether you're a startup or an established company, product development research is an essential aspect of any project. That’s because it involves investigating your target market, understanding the competitive landscape, and evaluating the viability of your ideas—all crucial factors in a successful product launch.

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Why You Should NEVER Skip Product Evaluation and Assessment - Featured Image

Why You Should NEVER Skip Product Evaluation and Assessment

As a product developer, you understand the excitement and potential rewards of bringing a new product to market—but you’re probably also aware of the many risks that come with the territory. Without a careful and strategic approach to the evaluation of new product development, your device could smash into any number of product development roadblocks.

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Product Evaluation - Kablooe Design Driven Development (D3) Process

Breaking Down the 5 Steps of Product Evaluation

Product evaluation is a complex process. You need to properly assess any new product idea or concept before it becomes a reality—but this necessary phase can be especially overwhelming if you don't know what to do or where to begin. The good news is, thanks to our trademarked Design Driven Development Process, there are clear steps all product developers should follow when evaluating product market fit. Today, we’re going to look at exactly what those five steps are so you can evaluate your potential product idea with confidence.

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Korean architect talking at meeting in modern office studio

9 Key Questions to Ask a Potential Product Design Partner

When looking for a partner, it's important to remember that not all medical device design experts are created equal. Some may specialize in certain types of products or technologies, while others may have more experience working with small businesses or startups. But how do you know if a product design company is the right fit for your project? We’ve laid out nine key questions to ask to help narrow your search.

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