Diagnostic Equipment Design

Kablooe has a strong track record of designing and developing cutting-edge diagnostic instruments for clinical, laboratory, and at-home settings—and we’re ready to do the same for you.

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Kablooe's End-to-End Diagnostic Equipment Design Services


Our team brings decades of relevant experience to the table, including human factors engineering, industrial design, analog electronics, software development, UX/UI design, systems engineering, cybersecurity, and more. These invaluable skill sets—coupled with unbridled creativity—allow us to help bring the best diagnostic equipment to market.

Laboratory Instruments

In a laboratory setting, it's critical that diagnostic equipment increases speed and accuracy while minimizing cost per test. To achieve these goals, our design experts will help you create automated systems capable of managing a high volume of patient data, complete with protocols for secure data storage and transmission.

Disposable Components

Many diagnostic instruments contain a disposable element—either as a patient interface or a sample container—which often include complex optical components, reagents, and RFID electronics. Kablooe can help you design and produce both the diagnostic instrument and the disposable components, ensuring they work together seamlessly.

Point-of-Care Devices

Although healthcare users in this setting may be highly trained, they are often stretched dangerously thin. To help accommodate current caregiver workloads, our team purposely designs point-of-care diagnostic interfaces that are intuitive, reliable, and durable enough to stand up to near-constant use.
John Tischer, Director of Engineering
One of the main reasons that I continue to use Kablooe is because they understand the engineering aspects so well. They don’t just conjure up a pretty enclosure or user interface. Their designs take into account internal workings, environment aspects, materials, plastic mold designs, and so forth. I wouldn’t hesitate to have them carry a product from start to finish.

Rapid Diagnostek Case Study

Rapid Diagnostek is a Midwest developer of biosensor-based diagnostic tests for the detection of proteins, bacteria, and viruses contained in liquid samples. Explore this case study to learn how we helped them develop a diagnostic “lab-in- a-box” that replicates the precision of clinical lab results in a portable platform.

Ready to Make Diagnostic Equipment People Love?

Diagnostic equipment should delight users in ways they’d never expect. We do that.

We Handle the ‘Not So Fun’ Stuff Too

Diagnostic equipment can be unique and complicated—and so can the paperwork. That’s why we leverage our decades of industry expertise to take many of these tedious and time-consuming tasks off your plate. This ensures your involvement in the approval process is as simple, streamlined, and straightforward as possible.

Our core competencies include:

  • Providing usability documentation
  • Conducting formative and summative studies
  • Supporting risk management
  • Ensuring HE75 and IEC62366 compliance
  • Verification and validation testing
  • And any other regulatory requirement support

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