Mark Your Calendars—November Is Jam-Packed With Kablooe Events

Author: Tom KraMer

Kablooe November Calendar

Over the next couple of weeks, Kablooe team members will be recording webinars, speaking at large industry events, and hosting another highly anticipated open house. Needless to say, November is going to be a busy, busy month for us.

We hope your calendars aren’t quite as full as ours, though, because we would love for you to join in on the fun. Check out the event details below and hopefully we’ll see you very soon.


We come right out of the gate swinging with our first event scheduled for November 2nd! Tom KraMer from Kablooe will be joining Mitch Maiman, President of IPS, to discuss the top skills needed for medical device designers and engineers. With these two industry legends in one room, we can’t wait to hear the insights they have in store for us. If you’re an up-and-coming product designer or an industrial engineer—or even if you’ve been in the industry for years—this will be a must-watch video!

Topic: “Top Skills Needed for Medical Device Designers & Engineers”

How to Watch: Look for a video link to be posted to IPS’ website (as well as our own) very soon.

About IPS: Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS) is our sister company under the Forward Industries banner. Founded in 2008, they are a product design and engineering services company that provides their clients with a single-source solution for concepts, industrial design, mechanical engineering, embedded software and systems architecture, mobile and enterprise application software, optical engineering, and UX/UI design.


Medtech moves fast… especially in a healthcare hub like Minnesota. Keep pace with the latest innovations and immerse yourself in a community of visionaries and industry leaders. It’s all waiting at the region’s most comprehensive medical design and manufacturing event — MD&M Minneapolis — part of Advanced Manufacturing Minneapolis.

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Kablooe’s Day 1 Session:

Join Brian Mullins, Director of Design and Development at Kablooe, as he helps you balance these factors to optimize your device’s innovativeness along with its ability to help as many people as possible. Brian will teach you how to face the inherent design tension of creating a great device with novel and life-saving features and building a device that thrifty purchasers and healthcare regulatory authorities will accept into the fold of cleared devices.

There are countless factors at play, and one factor in your control is design. A strong regulatory strategy begins with a well-informed device design. Due to many cost-cutting measures in healthcare today, it is important to always be cognizant of device cost while at the same time honoring innovative device designs that could potentially save more lives.

Topic: How to Make the FDA Happy: MedTech Design Pro Tips

Time: 10:15 am – 11:00 am CST

Location: MedTech Central Theater (Booth 2049)

Event Type: Session

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MD&M Minneapolis continues with day 2 of the educational event that brings together medical manufacturers, industry experts, thought leaders, and academics to solve challenges in medical technology—including digital health, cardio device manufacturing, and more.

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Kablooe’s Day 2 Session:

Join Brian Mullins, Director of Design and Development at Kablooe, as he demystifies the product development process, starting with understanding the end-user and working through designs that are desirable, feasible, and viable.

Nearly 70% of Americans are on prescription medication, and much of this is administered within the home. And although the home is often the preferred place for people to heal, forgetting to take these medications at the right time or taking the wrong dose can cause adverse effects. Through a rigorous research and design process, many usability issues and errors can be avoided when interacting with a product.

Topic: New Innovation in Medication Dispensing: Right Medication, Right Time, Right Patient, Right Design

Time: 1:45 pm – 2:30 pm CST

Location: 102CD

Event Type: Technical Session

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Surgical robotics is a growing field with more players getting into the game all the time. What makes some of these devices stand out over others, and how can we make sure that our device is going to achieve our dreams for it?

Join Tom KraMer, CEO of Kablooe Design, as he discusses how the brain works, how that relates to robotic surgery, how to design thinking for robots, and other lessons learned in his nearly 24 years of product design and development.

Topic: Design Principles for Surgical Robotics

Time: 2 pm – 3 pm EST

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About MD+DI: Medical Device + Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI) is a resource exclusively for original equipment manufacturers of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic products. The goal of MD+DI is to help industry professionals develop, design, and manufacture medical products that comply with complex and demanding regulations and market requirements.


Kablooe Open House

You’re invited! We had so much fun at our last open house this past July, that we decided to do it again. Join us for an evening of delicious drinks, mouthwatering tacos, engaging conversation, and surprisingly competitive foosball and ping pong tournaments. See you there!

Time: 4 pm – 7 pm CST

Location: 8560 Cottonwood St NW #100, Minneapolis, MN 55433