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As the foundation of user-centered design, human factors engineering (HFE) is a vital part of nearly every development project. At Kablooe, we leverage our decades of HFE experience and proven track record of creating products people love to provide our clients with the human factors consulting services they need—with an extra dose of human.

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Our Human Factors Consulting Capabilities

From supplying usability engineering files and creating design requirements to supporting risk management efforts and ensuring HE75 and IEC62366 compliance, Kablooe’s start-to-finish HFE expertise will help you meet all regulatory requirements and create a device your users can’t put down.

Usability Research
We apply user-centered research and design techniques to fuel our human factors consulting efforts and develop design inputs that exceed all user expectations.
Creative Ideation
We believe creative ideation is the bedrock of innovation. That's why we explore as many solutions as possible and examine their value against each design input.
User-Centered Design
We keep human capabilities, limitations, and preferences at the forefront of our entire design process, ensuring our concepts not only work—but work as intended.
Manufacturing Feasibility
We leverage our experience with a variety of manufacturing methods to select the optimal materials, features, and processes for your device to meet all user needs.
Infrastructure Engineering
We create the infrastructure necessary—through mechanical, electrical, software, or systems engineering—to ensure your device functions as it should, both physically and digitally.
Information Transfer
We provide all the data, files, drawings, and instructions your manufacturers and assemblers will need to mass-produce your device in the most high-quality, consistent manner.

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We Handle the ‘Not So Fun’ Stuff Too

Most devices these days are highly regulated, particularly those in the medical field. So let our human factors consulting team take many of these tedious and time-consuming compliance tasks off your plate. This ensures your involvement in the approval process is as simple, streamlined, and straightforward as possible.

Our HFE core competencies include:

  • Submitting HFE files to the FDA
  • Supporting risk management
  • Conducting formative and summative studies
  • Ensuring HE75 and IEC62366 compliance
  • Following HFE design protocols
  • Any other regulatory requirements you need to meet

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David, AtriCure
I’ve worked with Kablooe on a number of med device R&D projects over the years. They’ve always been responsive, thoughtful, and innovative in their efforts…

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