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In today’s world of product development, there are many things to consider when trying to successfully take a product to market, the least of which is not the development process itself. But according to Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Global Marketing, over 80% of new product development efforts crash and burn. Perhaps it’s time to let Design take the wheel.

Most product companies do not have a holistic view of Design or its practices, and therefore miss out on the opportunity to use it throughout the process and as a driver to keep the process on track. A good design team, however, will possess the necessary skills and talents to drive this holistic process.”

Tom KraMer | President & CEO, Kablooe

What Is Design Driven Development®?

Design Driven Development® is a unique and proven approach to the product development process. Every development project needs a champion—someone who is in charge of moving the project forward to a successful completion. Historically, this has been either a Chief Product Officer or Product Development Manager. But at Kablooe, we believe a Design Manager is the correct fit to be that leader.

What many product developers don’t realize is, when designers are tasked only with making things look better, they are pigeonholed as artists and left with an extremely small part of the process in which to work. This is usually undertaken too late in the process as well, keeping designers from contributing in other, more valuable ways. Our D³ Process—the core of our product design services—changes all that, turning an aspect of development that was a mere afterthought into the driving force of the project.

From Our D³ Process® to Your 3D Product

The Design Driven Development® Process consists of 7 distinct, cross-functional, and design-led phases. Each phase culminates in what we call a “phase gate,” where crucial go or no-go decisions are made to determine if your team is ready to move on to the next phase of product development.



Product feasibility and strategy investigation.


Formative usability and cadaver studies.


Brainstorming, sketching, and rough mockups.


CAD file creation and design prototype refinement.


Mechanical designs and specifications.

Tech Transfer

DFMEA review and design file completion.


Test method validation and evaluation.
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Learn how we used our Design Driven Development® Process to produce a cutting-edge new device that makes surgical prolapse repair simpler, safer, and more reliable.

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What the D³ Process® Means For You

Decreased Project Risk

The D³ model's increased number of development phases lowers the amount of risk involved. And much like any gambling endeavor, as the risk goes down, your spending and investment can go up. The trademarked "go or no go" phase gates allow this to happen.

Less Costly Redesigns

In traditional development processes, research and ideation phases are completely missing, yet prototypes still appear and are evaluated. This can lead to the product having to be designed over and over again, consuming large amounts of time and money.

A Better User Experience

In the D³ model, the user experience is considered first. Sufficient research and design effort go into determining what the UX needs to be, and only then does development activity occur—which will define the functional and aesthetic elements of your product.

Ready to Make Products People Love?

Our proven team of in-house designers, researchers, and engineers is here to make the D³ Process® work for you. Whether you need medical, software, or human factors product design, our proprietary process is designed to drive success.

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We Handle the ‘Not So Fun’ Stuff Too

No matter the industry, product development can be unique and complicated—and so can the paperwork. That’s why Kablooe leverages its decades of industry expertise to take many of these tedious and time-consuming tasks off your plate. This ensures your involvement in the approval process is as simple, streamlined, and straightforward as possible.

Our core competencies include:

  • Providing usability documentation
  • Conducting formative and summative studies
  • Supporting risk management
  • Ensuring HE75 and IEC62366 compliance
  • Verification and validation testing
  • And any other regulatory requirement support

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