Kablooe Leaders cited for provocative statements

Author: Tom KraMer

It’s not usually a good thing to be charged with firing off a provocative statement at a public event. However, both Kablooe President Tom KraMer, and Kablooe Development Director Brian Mullins, were charged with delivering two of the top ten most provocative statements of the Medical Device and Manufacturing expo in Minneapolis this fall.

KraMer sat on a panel that focused on combining different development methodologies into a project plan successfully. As the discussion began to heat up with ideas about where and when design activities and engineering activities are best placed in the process, KraMer explained that Kablooe does not operate with academic titles as role definitions. Thus his message resounded with the statement that Kablooe only has one open position for development employees, and that is “Person Who Solves Problems in Creative Ways and Makes Them Become Real.”

Mullins gave a talk at the center stage of the expo floor with a riveting eye opener targeting the value of user centered design on business goals as well as users. Comparisons to Heinz Ketchup and other scenarios helped listeners visualize the results of empathy for your users. He was able to tie the lack of design thinking to a loss of market share for manufacturers, and delivered a call to action for all manufacturers to get on board with design thinking, or lose to the competition.

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