Christmas at Kablooe: you could put an eye out…

Author: Tom KraMer

What do the Kablooe Christmas party and a Red Ryder BB-Gun have in common? They can both put an eye out!

Kablooe’s Christmas party was a riot this year, held at the “Up North Cabin-in-the-Woods” room at Mad Jack’s. Aside from the traditional food, drinks, and legendary Kablooe Christmas Jeopardy game, this year’s event held a balloon/dart challenge. Tournament quality, heavy, sharp darts in a small space packed with people… hmmm.

Fortunately, nobody was injured and a good time was had by all! This year’s winners were Karah Eisenschenk at the dartboard challenge, taking home a fine electric coffee grinder as a prize; and Dallas Erdahl at the Kablooe Jeopardy taking home a nifty portable tool kit. Everyone was a winner with the Christmas word game, each taking home a gift card of some sort.

Feliz Navidad!