The Medtech Underground is alive and well in Minneapolis.

The “End of Summer” Soiree was in full swing at the Bakken Mansion in Minneapolis.

Kablooe President Tom KraMer was able to throw together some dapper attire and peruse the event with such medtech giants as Steve Anderson from Preceptis Medical, Danny Sachs with the University of Minnesota, and Darryl Barnes of the Mayo Clinic. The event was well attended, inspirational, and informational.

Bonnie Labosky delivered an inspiring keynote address sharing experiences of how to innovate in the face of tradition, while startups Preceptis Medical, Mobile ODT, Enclear, RXFunction, Sonex Health, and Medical Early Sign shared their stories. It’s not often we can get that much medical device knowledge in one room, especially dressed that well in an old mansion! Kudos to the MedTech Underground for bringing this group to light!