Medtech head to head challenge

Author: Tom KraMer

The APS/Kablooe golf challenge was in full swing yesterday! Who came out on top?

The Kablooe team, led by Kablooe Director of Development Brian Mullins, and supported by Design Engineers extraordinaire Blake Eisenschenk and Russell Cluff, faced and expert team from APS yesterday led by Mike Frie. The APS team dominated the long game and handily took the first match by a wide margin. However, the Kablooe team proved to be tenacious by coming back in the second event with Brian Mullins dominating the precision game, and garnering over three times the points of the nearest contender.

So who should be considered the winner? We think you should decide. Which is more worthy of the title, mastery of the long game, or surgical precision in the short game. Let us know what you think and we will tabulate the results, but of course, we think we already know the answer.  😉


Check out Mike’s swing last night at Top Golf!

Posted by Kablooe Design on Thursday, October 3, 2019