Gabi Goes for the Title!

Author: Tom KraMer

Fitness Friday: Superheroes come in many forms!

Gabi Razma is not only a superhero biomedical engineer on the Kablooe team that tackles biomedical problems with innovative solutions, but she also has been participating in the Kablooe “Fit-Don’t-Quit” 6 week pushup course, and is the first team member to reach the end of the training without missing a single rep.

Today she goes for the final goal of the training: attempting 100 pushups in a row! Join us on our Kablooe facebook page live as we watch Gabi hit this goal!

Gabi is the latest in a long line of Kablooe fitness superheroes who in the past have won marathons, tough mudder competitions, and participated in many other various Kablooe fitness events.

Now is the time to stay fit, stay healthy, and promote health and wellness to the world! Please join us in this quest.