Fall Wine Tasting/Open House

Author: Tom KraMer

Kablooe Fall Invite

It feels like summer flew by and fall is arriving so we thought “why not have some fun in it?”

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Take a couple hours off early from work to meet with friends and colleagues, and be back home in time to kick start your weekend! Food, drink, and fun including ping pong, foosball, bags, and general tomfoolery will be had.  There might even be an open mic, so be ready to jump in!

MedTech Trivia! Want to test your medtech chops? Compete with your peers in the medtech trivia challenge, hosted by Kablooe’s own Brian Mullins. A fabulous prize will be awarded.

APS (American Preclinical Services) and Introworks will be co-hosting. We are looking forward to networking!

When:    Friday, October 11th 2019, 3:30-7:30 pm

Where:  Kablooe: 8560 Cottonwood St.  Coon Rapids

Why:     If you have to ask…

Get your free ticket here!