Jocelyne Akamaliza

Biomedical Engineer

Jocelyne’s passion for biomedical engineering stems from an early exposure to biology through her father, who was a science teacher. She quickly began striving to understand how the human body functions which then piqued her interest into the the world of product development that improves quality of life. After attaining two degrees from North Carolina State University and Union College, respectively, her career began as a chemical imaging intern at Oak Ridge National Lab. Jocelyne then moved into her role as a  process/manufacturing engineer in the medical device and life science industries. Today, she’s still excited about learning and is passionate about devising processes and materials that allow innovative ideas to successfully translate from concept to products and then into the hands of the user. 

Jocelyne loves:

  • Adventuring in the outdoors
  • Dancing & Zumba
  • Being with her closest people