Dave Prince

Senior Industrial Designer

Over his 14 year career as a professional Industrial Designer, Dave has built a reputation for his creative and pragmatic problem solving abilities. Embracing a good ol’ growth mindset, he believes nothing is unsolvable, especially with the support of a well rounded team (like the folks at Kablooe of course) and some monster CAD skills. Dave is listed on over 50 patents, on products ranging from sit-stand desks and healthcare carts to air purifiers and hand tools. He’s also designed fine jewelry including a wedding ring for his wife. Last but not least, his entrepreneurial spirit led Dave to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign for a timepiece called Prompt and is in the process of scaling it up for production.

Dave loves:

  • Teaching
  • Road biking
  • Grooming his twin five-year-old sons to be better problem solvers than him