Innovation in Healthcare During This Time

Author: Tom KraMer

Keeping innovation top of mind

Kablooe has lived for 29 years in the healthcare innovation world with a mission to improve peoples lives with innovative device design.

I have been inspired by some innovative methods of providing healthcare solutions lately, the most recent of which came from my wife.

My wife, Rachael KraMer, is a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, and yesterday she sent 3 things to the Kablooe office to help our team boost the strength of their own immune systems: Organic Kombucha, homemade hand sanitizer, and info sheets on naturals, supplements and botanicals that can be used to boost the immune system.

This is the time to keep your immune system strong, and there are so many good ways to do it!

Shekinah Wellness organinc Kombucha My Goodness! brand, natural sanitizers at Kablooe Design

Here is the short dish on these 3 items:

1.) Kombucha: the best liquid probiotic you can get, as long as it is not pasteurized (like most store brands).

2.) Homemade hand sanitizer: witch hazel, tea tree, orange, lemon oils, and vitamin E. Actually good for your skin instead of harsh and drying.

3.) Tons of great info on botanicals and other immune boosting items.

We now have a ‘Kablooe Immune Health’ table in the studio, and she is going to send in one new immune boosting item to the Kablooe office each day this week, I will keep you posted as to what these surprise items are, and how they support our immune health!

Here’s to great health!