Coloplast is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of innovative medical devices for the management and treatment of urological conditions, including stress urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, and testicular replacement.


Coloplast partnered with Kablooe to develop a revolutionary new device to make surgical prolapse repair simpler, safer, and more reliable. Designed for patients who are ideal candidates for transvaginal repair, the Saffron Fixation System allows surgeons to use their choice of sutures and needles for attaching ligaments of the pelvic floor.


Kablooe was involved in nearly every stage of product development, from initial research to final testing. Our team conducted competitive product analysis and ideation, including concept generation, formative usability research, and preclinical cadaver studies. During the design and engineering stages, we provided detailed prototypes, mechanical designs, full CAD package creation, and manufacturing and packaging specifications. We also assisted during the transfer to production, where we were heavily involved in vendor management and communication, as well as test method validation and evaluation.


The Saffron’s intuitive, easy-to-hold curved design allows for improved navigation to the sacrospinous ligament. The narrow design of the distal tip results in a cleaner entry into the dissection area, enabling more consistent and accurate anchor placement. Thanks to the increased choice and control the design affords, POP surgeons have already begun reporting high satisfaction and better patient outcomes with the Saffron Fixation System.

Client: Coloplast

Product: Saffron™ Fixation System