Kablooe Designed ENT Device Improves On Safety & Cost

Kablooe Designed ENT Device Improves On Safety & Cost

Preceptis Medical, a Plymouth, MN based med-tech firm, has its sights set on improving ear tube procedures for children.  Its Tympanostomy Tube Introducer, designed and prototyped by Kablooe, is a device being tested to allow ear tubes to be done as an office procedure.  Taking the process out of the operating room can help to […]

Needs based design, or not needs based design?

Needs based design, or not needs based design?

I’m writing this blog as I leave Detroit after visiting the Wards Automotive Interior Conference in Dearborn, Michigan. At the show many amazing technologies were revealed that now allow our vehicles to do everything from recognizing what kinds of objects lie ahead, to stopping our cars for us, and even driving our cars for us.  […]

IQPC conference on Remote Monitoring

Dr. Christopher Scorzelli, MD  Chair of Session on discussion of Renovation vs Replacement in Hospital setting, San Jose, CA Conference: Remote Patient monitoring

Design of Medical Devices Conference MD 2011 Conference

Dr. Christopher Scorzelli, MD Co-Chairs of Innovation Session at DMD 2011 April 13, and Judges 3 in 5 competition as well – Tom Kramer presented on Human Factors 2 on medical device development session on April 12 – Both sessions were well attended and instigated good discussion. April 13th: DMD 10 year celebration Tom […]

15th Annual Minnesota Development Conference

Dr. Scorzelli, spoke to an audience of business leaders and entrepreneurs about the his experiences as a Medical Device Center Senior Innovation Fellow. This year’s conference will focus on new strategies to keep Minnesota growing and vibrant while building on the partnerships between economic development, workforce development and education professionals that have contributed to our […]

2010-2011 Medical Device Center Innovation Fellows

Presented on Innovation/Creative thinking:  “Coming up with the BIG idea: Ideation and Creativity” Dr. Scorzelli spoke of his experiences as an innovator as well as the struggle truly disruptive technologies face as they are brought to the mainstream.